Teaching of the Department of Environment and Soil Science


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The Departament of Environment and Soil Science teaches in different centers of the University of Lleida: School of Agrifood and Forestry Science and Engineering (ETSEA), Polytechnic School (EPS), Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Worker. The teaching delivered covers fields as Soil Science, Applied Physics, Physical Geography and Experimental Ciències Teaching, both in undergraduate courses and master degrees. The department also coordinates the Master on Soil and Water Management and participates in a number of doctorate programs and other continuing training courses.

The Department of Environment and Soil Science disposes of different laboratoris and installations to carry out practical training. At the ETSEA campus the department is equipped with laboratories of soil and plants, physics, cartography and geographic information systems. At Polytechnic School campus also disposes of laboratories of Physics. In fact, it is true that the alumnat pugui utilitzar equipaments i materials más avançats. These labs are used for student training as well as for research. To complete the practical training of students, the department also organizes technical visits to companies and organizations.

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