Ramon J. Batalla

Full professor

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Personal data

Category: Full professor

Knowledge area: Physical Geography

Office: 2.13, Building 3, ETSEA

Telephone: 34 + 973 702 676

E-mail: ramon.batalla@udl.cat


Investigador Sènior adscrit a l'Institut Català de recerca de l'Aigua (ICRA)


Professor Ad-Honorem de la Universidad Austral de Chile


Coordinator of Interuniversity Master on Soil and Water Mangement

Research activity

I am a Fluvial Geomorphologist. My Ph.D. is in Geography by the University of Barcelona. Currently and since February 1999 I am Senior Lecturer at the University of Lleida, Catalonia (Spain). I am the Head of the Fluvial Dynamics Research Group -RIUS (Ref. 2014SGR645, Catalan Government) and Senior Researcher Head of the Hydrological Processes Section at the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA). I have been involved in research and teaching for more than 25 years on Fluvial Hydrology and Geomorphology, starting at the University of Barcelona (1990-1994), and during research leaves at the Freie Universität Berlin (1995-1996), University of California, Berkeley (2000 and 2001), Austral University of Chile (2016 and 2017), and during shorter stays in several universities of Europe and North America. My main expertise is on Fluvial Geomorphology, with research developed on monitoring and modelling river processes, especially sediment transport in both free-flowing and regulated rivers, Eco-Geomorphology and flood risk analysis. I have published more than 125 original research articles in peer-reviewed international and national journals, and have edited 40 book chapters and books. I have been involved (as PI and/or participant) in 30 independent research projects funded, between others, by the Spanish Ministry of Science, the European Union, the National Environmental Research Agency (NERC, UK), the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, Germany) and the Comisión Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONYCIT, Chile). I have supervised 12 PhD Thesis with two others in course. I promoted the set up and have been responsible of the experimental basins of the Ribera Salada (since 1998) and the Isabena (since 2001) basins, as well as of the research in the lower River Ebro (2002-2012), to monitor flows and sedimentary processes in Mediterranean areas. I have been actively collaborated through research contracts with the Ebro Water Authorities and the Catalan Water Agency, and with hydropower and consultancy companies in a variety of applied projects in the fluvial scope.




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