María Concepción Ramos Martín

Full professor

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Personal data

Category: Full professor

Kwnoledge area: Soil Science

Office: 3.03, Building 3, ETSEA

Telephone: 34 + 973 702 092

Fax: 34 + 973 702 613


Research lines

  • Climate change assessment and its impact on crops in the Mediterranean area.
  • Analysis of the impact of changes in land use and management in the degradation of soils in arid and semi-arid climate.
  • Soil erosion.
  • Soil-water-plant relationships.
  • Effects of land management on greenhouse gas emissions.

Member of the research group Agronomia i Medi Ambient en Sistemes Agrícoles Mediterranis

Responsible for STC of Atomic Absorption

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