Research contract between the Group Fluvial Dynamics RIUS (UdL) and EDF France to study the sedimentation in a reservoir at Haute-Garonne

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La presa de Plan d’Arem a l’Alta Garona (Foto: Ramon J. Batalla, agost de 2017)

Électricité de France EDF has signed a research contract with the University of Lleida through the Research Group Fluvial Dynamics RIUS of the Department of Environment and Soil Sciences to study the sedimentation in the reservoir Plan d'Arem (Haute-Garonne). The reservoir accumulates a large quantity of sediments, many of which arrived during the flood that affected the Vall d'Aran in 2013. The study of the solid load that reaches the reservoir (granulometry, transport) has to provide information to carry out the tasks of releasing the material through the dam and the design of the controlled floods that must be carried out to facilitate sediment transport downstream, avoiding the effects that excessive sedimentation could have on the sedimentary structure of the riverbed and the river habitat. The work is initially developed through a master's thesis during 2018, which will be followed by a doctoral thesis as of 2019. The two works are carried out in collaboration with the University of Lyon.