An opportunity index per a for selective harvesting

Research article published in Cogent Food & Agriculture

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A research article on precision viticulture with the title "Assessing opportunities for selective vintage winery vintage with a market-driven composite index" has been published (authors: Jaume Arnó, from the Department of Agroforestry Engineering, and José A. Martínez Casasnovas , of the Department of Environment and Soil Sciences). Precision Viticulture (PV) is an increasingly accepted concept in the viticultural sector. Putting into practice PV, farmers and winemakers can take advantage of the use of information technologies to assist in decision-making. Specifically, remote satellite imagery can report very interesting information on vineyards with high spatial resolution, converting crop reflectance signals into suitable vegetation indices such as Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). As NDVI is an indirect measure of vine vigour, NDVI maps make it possible to have detailed information on vine spatial variability within the plots. When this variation is associated with another significant variation in grape quality parameters, separate harvesting of the highest quality grapes can add value to the final product. In this paper, a method to evaluate selective vintage opportunity through NDVI map analysis is proposed. In order to successfully complete the procedure, certain knowledge in geostatistics and appropriate software are required. This article, published in the magazine Cogent Food & Agriculture, is "Open Access" and can be freely accessed.